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is creating a video series following their riverside self-build project
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Procedures, delays and specifics on how the project has progressed from day 1, you'll be bang up to date with access to the project diary, one week behind real time! 

And rest assured - if some event stops work and therefore stops our diary posts, you will not be charged.


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As well as access to the Project Diary you will be able to delve into the Project Budget Spreadsheet, where you will find the details of the materials and products we have used for our construction as well as our sources and the prices we paid, updated each month!

And rest assured - if some event stops work and therefore stops our diary posts and budget spreadsheet updates, you will not be charged.


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As well as access to the Project Diary and the Project Budget Spreadsheet you'll get to see your name in lights (!!) when we share our thanks with the world by naming you in our Thank You's!

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About The Bel Ombre team

Do you dream of building your own home, but you just don't know where to start?
We did for a long time, and last year we decided to just go for it!

We'd love you to join us on our journey as we build our dream on the banks of the river Lot, south west France.

What Are We Building?
We are taking our plot from an empty field to full living and work space, with a wooden garage, a two floor wooden house and (hopefully) a pontoon on the water...

Using quality, pre-fabricated kits of sustainably farmed wood for the buildings, we will be creating the full infrastructure from scratch, including a stand alone sewage plant, with water, electricity and comms cabling throughout. 

We'll be sharing all we learn - from the experts in their fields to the best products for the job, and of course the tips we gather on the way!

Why are we asking for your patronage?
Well, obviously building a house is not cheap, but we have already budgeted for that, and by using our online influence we hope to sway our suppliers to offer us their best prices in return for us sharing their details with everyone who watches our videos.

However, filming and editing the videos you are enjoying takes time. Like, loads of time!
Then there was the voice-over; feedback on our first attempt was hilariously direct - it appears some thought we were reading a ransom demand! Hehe!
But honestly, we are new to this and we have a lot to learn. So again, it takes a lot of time...

At times we'll need to pause on the BelOmbre project to return to our day jobs - Alastair is a sparky while Jo-Ann translates admin paperwork and procedures for English speakers in France - both to save funds for the next phase and to keep the costs of life in general at bay.
It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway), your subscriptions will be paused when no work on the project will be taking place.

But if you are enjoying what we are doing then we'd love for you to lend your support, because it all helps us enormously - as motivation, as feedback and with funds to invest to make it even better!

Thank you so much for following our journey :)

Come and find us on Facebook (@belombre47) & Instagram (#belombre47)
13% complete
Cameras and software - the most important!  In order to improve the quality of our videos we would like to improve our filming tools... We have one awesome Fujifilm camera already, plus an old pocket kodak that works when it's in a good mood!
Any help we get would be used first and formeost to improve our equipment.
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