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About Wai Au

Hello! This is my monthly postcard club, where I send you a completely handmade, original screenprinted postcard-sized print every month. I've been running it since January 2016. At first I didn't really know what to do, but eventually I developed a sort of direction in terms of what kind of images I want to create, as well as continually improving my techniques. I am very grateful for your support.

Finding the creative voice takes time and patience, and you can help me sustain my passion and life if you subscribe :)

You can check out more of my works at my website http://waiau.ca/

I'm going to keep everything simple:

$8 tier - you get behind the scenes and process posts and the printed postcard in the mail
Less than $8 - behind the scenes and process posts

Thank you for looking!
$555 of $900 per month
I basically live as cheap as possible, and this is my living expense with rent included.
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