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About Ben Komets

Hi Folks!

My name is Ben Komets and I am a professional miniature artist based in Berlin, Germany.

You may know me from video tutorials I have done for Paintingbuddha, companies like Miniature Mentor, or from one of the many classes I have taught in different countries.

Since starting two decades ago, I have laboured at my craft of painting miniatures and have won awards in dozens of painting competitions all over the world.

Three years ago, I decided to go into miniature painting as a full time profession, painting box art miniatures for several miniature companies and private commission pieces at my home studio in Berlin. Now, I am pleased to announce that I will start to release my own small range of miniatures, working with world class sculptors to cater to all painters.


I would like to show you how I work and what motivates me to push the boundaries of miniature art. I know that a lot of people follow my work in progress on Facebook daily as a source of inspiration, or study my techniques to become better painters.

Even with the tutorials that have already been published, there is so much more to show you. Patreon is a great platform that allows me to produce the best material for you to improve your painting level based on your feedback, allowing me to invest more time in teaching and talking about miniatures.


Your patronage gives you access to exclusive, detailed work in progress pictures and beautifully designed color guides for every model I paint, regular in-depth tutorials and video tutorials paired with Q&A sessions so you can engage with the entire process, start to finish with easy-to-follow and comprehensive teaching material; drawing on two decades of knowledge and passion so that you can get your painting skills to the next level.

And, in case you should need a little more guidance or personal feedback, there's also pledge level for that!

Example PDF


As I'm still working on the technical set up here in the studio, to begin with I can guarantee one video OR detailed tutorial per month, forming the foundation of the course. I hope that with some additional funding from aspiring miniature artists out there we can increase the frequency of production, as it takes a lot of time to put together.

$3,000 – reached! per month
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to be able to produce more and most importantly better video tutorials for I need to invest in a better computer and camera equipment
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