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About Ben Grace

I'm Ben Grace, an Australian singer/songwriter working in Brooklyn NY and I'm passionate about local craft beer, good stories, and messy community.  Over the last 20 years I've had more than 50 songs released & have written in a range of styles from power pop to country. In 2017 I wrote 40 songs, including 15 songs for a commercial children's TV show airing in Australia in June 2018.  I did 3 house show tours, visited 10 new states, and covered over 5k tour miles.

I’ve always created music in community and often helped other musicians with their dreams.  And now I need your help with my dream.

I've been busy writing and recording music that I'm so thrilled about, pulling in some incredible musicians from New York to Nashville. I'll be releasing one song at a time as they're finished (aiming for one a month) and then compiling them into EPs or a full length album.

And I'd love you to come along with me on the journey and be my drinking buddies!

For less than a cost of buying me a beer a month you can help me build a sustainable music career.  Or for the cost of a case of beer you could partner with me to set up house show touring opportunities.

So what is Patreon?

In the words of my buddy and fellow musician Daniel Deitrich: there has never been a more exciting or challenging time to be a musician and songwriter. The tools to create, record, and reach an audience have been democratized, but it is increasingly difficult to make money as an artist. I didn't get into music to strike it rich, but it takes money to put quality work out into the world (gear, producers, studio time, mixing, mastering, video shoots - it adds up QUICKLY).

Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy to join your favorite creator's community and pay them for making the stuff you love. It lets you say, hey, what you're putting out into the world is valuable to me. You choose a monthly tier that's right for your budget ($1 to $50 or more) and receive rewards in return. Though it's a slick new online platform, the idea of patronage isn't new at all. For centuries people have been directly supporting artists so they can continue to paint/compose/create.
Here's a quick vid from Patreon that explains it well.

What are we going to create together?

As of March I have 4 songs that have been skillfully crafted and recorded in the best studios of New York and Nashville that I'm aiming to release monthly.  As patrons you will receive early access to these songs before the world gets to hear them on Spotify or wherever you stream music.  In addition to my songs I'm excited to share with you lots of other exciting rewards from live tracks from shows such as Rockwood Music Hall, to behind the scenes access to my process and, my personal favorite: A HOUSE SHOW AND CRAFT BEER TASTING!  

There isn't much more than I love than sharing a local craft beer with new and old friends alike while sharing stories and melodies.  I hope that together we can build some intimate musical experiences and bring us all a little closer together through the power of melody.

Thanks in advance for becoming my drinking buddy and I look forward to sharing a beer and a song with you soon!  Oh, and follow me on Untappd!

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At 100 patrons I'll release a patron only monthly video with updates, behind the scenes footage & (most probably) a premiere exclusive of a new song
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