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About Benjamin Brage

My name is Benjamin Brage.

I'm a "pre-everything" 22 year old transgender man living in Florida. My biggest influences are Nietzsche and Vonnegut. In my spare time I run a transgender support group and sell shirts with feminist/revolutionary designs.

I'm writing a book about being a minority in a world full of terrible people, with one of those people being myself.

Your pledges will go toward the creation of short stories and essays regarding gender and social relationships. Eventually, your pledges will go towards the publication of a short pocket book called "Household Gods," which is supposed to be about gender politics and social change and is mostly going to be about navigating through life being who I am and the friends I've made along the way.

The idea behind "Household Gods" is a simple one - I want a portable book written by a transgender person that is easily available and can be used to spark discussion. I'm not trying to sway people per-se. I want to have my experiences and thoughts easily accessible in a humorous, easily-digestible format so that discussion can be sparked about minorities in society.
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