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is creating a graphic novel in a picture book field journal style.




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I am a lifelong working artist and an award winning visual effects compositor for film and television.


I've been working on a storybook in my few spare hours a week.

This story is based on events related to me by a cat, and is centered on the experiences of an 11 year old girl. She covers a huge amount of the West Coast of North America in her travels, ranging from Mono Lake to Vancouver Canada, and meets many representatives of the Faery realm, encounters many hardships and threats and unexpected allies. The Faery creatures she meets run the gamut from deposed frog kings to urban garbage fairies to sages to cybernetic mech warrior brine shrimp.

As the story unfolds we'll discover that she has the exclusive power to save life on earth - if she lives, and if she sees any reason to do so considering how life has treated her.

The story and its writing and its art are all odd, engaging, highly original and put together with cinematic angles in mind, similar to a storyboard. The goal is to develop it through social media funding to limited run publishes and expanding distribution, eventually to film or series television.

Maybe that sounds ludicrously ambitious - but ideas, like salmon, don't get upstream by giving up. No successful venture ever came to fruition via being to insecure to aim high.

Having worked for ILM and other giant studios I've seen how the single biggest force in making something amazing is simply persistence. Being part of a team of other deeply invested and involved artists working on Beauty and the Beast and similar experiences has underlined this precept.

It's exciting for me to invite you along - I hope you can be a part of this experience!

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