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Hello Patrons, 

My name is Benjamin Hunter.  I'm a musician, teacher, composer, community activist, social entrepreneur, and compulsive maker of things.  Since settling in Seattle, I've made it my mission to try and discover the intersection between arts & culture, community development, and civic responsibility.  I received my degree in music, while also studying politics and philosophy.  I've tried to tether those disciplines into a mission of amplifying the role of arts in how we affect change within our immediate communities.  Music allows me to express my personal identity.  It also gives me a way to be part of a greater, collective identity.  My work constantly pushes me to understand that dichotomy better.  

In 2011, I founded Community Arts Create.   In a time when music and arts education is being surgically extracted from school curriculums, CAC seeks to create space and opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to engage with their individual and collective creative identities, using that as a lens to view their connection with the community around them and how they can be a part of it's growth and development.

In 2013, I co-founded The Hillman City Collaboratory. Housed in South Seattle’s Hillman City neighborhood, the “social incubator” has brought and maintained camaraderie, inclusiveness, education, and social wellbeing to the residents in and around an area that is seeing rapid shifts due to unrelenting displacement. 

In 2016, I co-founded Black & Tan Hall. B&TH is a co-operatively owned restaurant and performing arts venue, shifting the for-profit paradigm to an alternative platform that is hyper-local, built by and for people rooted in community, and serves as an anti-gentrification model that combats displacement and sustains good jobs.

I only get paid for my music.  The work I do outside of that has been on my own dime.  As Seattle gets more expensive, it's harder to sustain myself, but the work I'm doing is so important. I can't just be a musician, I need to do this other work.  I do this because it feeds my work as an artist and a human being.  The music I make, the projects that I work on, come from the relationships that I make, the perspectives that I am gifted, and the insight that I gain from an acknowledgement of our history.  I believe that it's folly to make something new without understanding what came before.  

I'm joining Patreon because the work I'm doing has purpose.   My hope is that you see the value in that work, and feel compelled to support the work that I do.  I'll give you regular updates, access to new music material, gifts handmade by me, photography prints from my time on tour, and reflections on how the creative experience translates through me and the folks around me. And more! 

I've been able to do what I've done through the generosity and friendship of so many of you.  I humbly ask you now, to support me financially.  Be my patron, not just for me, but for work that I get to do with so many other passionate people to change this city and this world through the power of music, art, and a culture that is created when we share our stories with each other! 
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When I reach $2000 per month, I can hire a part-time manager to assist me with all of my projects. This will allow me to more effectively sustain, and expand on the work that I've been doing with Community Arts Create, The Collaboratory, as an educator, and an advocate for arts in Seattle.  Much of the help I get is from volunteers, but even volunteers get burned out.  Ultimately, this assistant will serve more as a partner, someone who I can bounce ideas off of, and can share their experience and skillset to the expansion of the projects I'm working on. 

THIS is my goal.  I don't want to stop doing the work I'm doing, I want to be better at it, and I want to share my vision with someone that can really help galvanize all of my projects together.  I see all the projects I do as connected.  If I can get to $2000 a month, I can support myself in a more healthy way, while also taking my work to another level! 
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