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You, like me, are a beginner, and your dedication is appreciated and you get my thanks! <3

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You've definitely been doing this longer than me, huh? Trying to show off? Well.... thank you, it's much appreciated. 

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Why are you here? Is it because you find how bad I am at cello funny? Well, if not, then I guess it's because you really just love watching me dedicate to something new. And you know what, thank YOU for dedicating to me. :) 




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About Benjamin Maisonet Official

I am a complete beginner to playing cello, at age 31. This weekly series depicts me playing cello and show my progress over the first 52 weeks, after which a new series will begin for the next 52 weeks, and so on.

This will be a journal for me to look back and for others to look back and see that hard work and dedication, not talent, leads to success. I hope you can learn from me, learning myself, and have this channel inspire you to work on something you've always wanted to do.

These videos do not necessarily show everything I have done or practiced in a given time, just the progress and main things I worked on for that week.

Full disclosure. I am a classically trained musician since age 12. I know how to read sheet music, and played tuba professionally for 13 years. I am also a composer. You can see my demos on my website or SoundCloud:

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$2000 a month will help me keep doing these videos full time. Making these videos is very tedious and time consuming, and I have a full time job as well. $500 a month will let me take some time off work to focus more on cello and improving the quality of my videos as I'll have more time to edit them. :)

This will also allow me to make more than 1 video a week, perhaps doing tutorials on things I've learned, and also composing more music to show off on the channel. 
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