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You'll get two things, yae you'll get three. (This is an Old Testament way of saying the things here aren't an exhastive list): music, videos and stories:

You'll have access to my GROWING ARCHIVE OF MUSICS, even those that have fallen off the Internet.

You'll have early access to VIDEOS (and I'll get back into the regular swing of making several a month for my own channel), including patreon EXCLUSIVES!

And yes, there'll be STORIES in other forms, some of which may surprise or delight. (note, that's not and/or)

I value PERSONHOOD very highly, so this is the only, and cheapest, and best tier in the whole Tierwald.




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About Ben Swithen

Hello! Thank you for reading this! I'm Ben and I'm a person, and I do music and videos and stories.

I don't like to talk positively about myself so I'm hardly competent to write in this box. However, I've made many songs (including a Doctor-Who-and-cheese double-concept concept-album, and a song about a Boat-train) and many videos (including the adventures of Pencilton, plus for a mysterious client I directed Birthday Bread Man's YouTube series).

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