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About Ben Vizy

Hey there! I'm Ben Vizy, and I've been brainstorming and generating creative content since I was old enough to use a word processor.  I'm happy to say that for some, that content is finally worth checking out!
I see Art as the integration of the individual. I'm a deep thinker, and my art is the way I get across what I'm thinking about every day, whether it be through a podcast, a story, an essay, a drawing, or a mix of all of the above.
My most recent and comprehensive project is a novel called New Idaho, being released weekly for the duration of 2019. You can find the weekly 2000-word sections on TumblrMy Website, or listen to the audio-book on AppleGoogleSpotify and Stitcher.
Add on my weekly talk show-style podcast, Free Association, a book blog ("It's Lit!"), and various miscellaneous thoughts and essays, and you've already got a pretty big stream of Ben Vizy to dip into!
But the river is still growing. Your support will help new and improved content slide down the pipe even faster than it already is. Thanks in advance! 🌸
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