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About bepisoilsnake

I am a creator of memes. Without me and other content creators, the meme economy would die and all of you would have suicidal depression. In an attempt to prevent such a tragedy, I have begun creating Paradox memes, of which many have received great feedback. However, I cannot keep the meme economy afloat by love for my craft alone, especially seeing as all my posts are copyrighted and cannot be monetized. Money, no matter how much, would help keep me afloat in spicy memes and you just one more week away from a short drop and a sudden stop.

So, join me in helping to create funny memes, silly little videos and other extremely infantile and unimportant stuff. Thanks!
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This shows that there is an actual market for this kind of stuff and will allow me to spend more time and effort on my videos. You win, I win. Branching out from here into other franchises will also be possible.
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