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I grew up in the church world. My family has been a part of everything from a 3500+ member suburban mega church to a small church in downtown KC. For most of my life I lived as if I knew it all. There was definitive "right and wrong," things were black and white. But as I got older I realized that almost nothing is as black and white as I wanted it to be.

I decided to start a personal journey where I would question everything: my faith, my convictions, the bible, Christianity, God... It's a journey that is not over and will probably never end. I was flooded with new thoughts, opinions, realizations... I realized our obsession with being "right" was actually something that only divides. Instead of stressing over being "right" it's better to be REAL with one another and share our differences - judgment free! So it's shouldn't be "right or wrong" but rather "REAL or wrong." 

When I'd share these "new" ideas with people they would always say I should try and find a way to share with more and more people. Enter the podcast. Be Real or Be Wrong. I hope it's an open and honest conversation about our differences and how we may have lost our way in Christianity somewhere along the way. I can't do this without you backing me up! I don't ever want to ask for very much. Every dollar helps produce this podcast so if you can only give $1 know that you are making this venture happen!

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Basic Podcast cost is covered! It costs about $15 a month to have the Be Real or Be Wrong podcast hosted online. As I make more and more episodes costs will increase but $15 can get us going for awhile.
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