is creating some Minecraft plugins and streaming on Twitch.
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About BernardisGood

Heyo! I'm Bernard.

I am studying computer science at university and I love gaming.

I ended up studying computer science because of this Minecraft plugin called Movecraft. Movecraft allows players to build things like airships out of blocks and fly them around. The sad part is you can't use it with mods. 😱

That's terrible right?

So I took it upon myself to port the plugin to a different, mod friendly, API and decided I might as well make a whole server while I'm at it!

So if you've got some money spare to support me while I work on my pet project that would be awesome. 👍

All donations go towards food, rent and study books. If I do end up with any spare change I'll save it for when I'm feeling down on a rainy day or for new computer components to keep my computer running.

Thanks for being awesome! 🖖🏻
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For every month we achieve this I can afford a Minecraft server for testing my plugins.

If you are a Fighter Pilot you will be able to access the server.
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