Bernie McGovern

is creating narrative in painting, comics, video, and memory.
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Access to exclusive daily sketches, journal entries, and first look at any images I plan to share elsewhere. Enjoy five high definition wallpaper images per month in a mix of handmade and digital narrative. Garnished with love.

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One PDF book of your choice per month. Five HD wallpaper images per month. Access to my cloud based research folders, wherein items of inspiration are cataloged. Browse up to 100 gig of top secret media. Includes access to the ongoing project, "Texture Patrol," featuring original image files that are fit to tile seamlessly.  Five HD wallpaper images. 

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One choice of printed comic book per month from a (current) catalog of twelve. Choice of digital print up to 8"x10" per month. Subscription to the zine DemonGun. Access to inspirations. One PDF comic book. Five HD wallpaper images. Gratitude unbound.
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In addition to all rewards, you will receive one original watercolor in the mail every month. Theme or subject open to suggestion and dialogue! Receive print copies of all books to date. Special thanks acknowledgement across all future projects. Open invite to grab coffee or beers when in the same town! We have transcended pain and suffering :)



About Bernie McGovern

My name is Bernie McGovern, one Chicago artist born to consume pastries and years of digression. Here you will find all future works collected with notes. May there be lots to live!
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DemonGun comizine will triumphantly return to print! Upon this goal, I will resume the ancient ways of mailing (you) thread-bound artifacts of the hand.
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