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About Roderick T. Long

I’m a philosopher, an anarchist, and a science-fiction/fantasy fan.  In addition to my regular blog (which I’m not seeking funding for), I have four ongoing blogs that combine these interests, and that I’d like an excuse to spend more time on:

1. AMOK MIND, in which I blog my way through Star Trek, episode by episode (“FANTASTIC commentary. Really loved this.” – Aeon Skoble, author of Deleting the State and co-editor of The Simpsons and Philosophy and Woody Allen and Philosophy).

2.DANGER NUMBER, in which I do likewise for the British tv show Danger Man (a.k.a. Secret Agent) and its successor The Prisoner.

3.DIABOLICAL MASTERMINDS, in which I do likewise for the British tv series The Avengers (not to be confused with the Marvel franchise).

4.YELLOW BRICK MEAT GARDEN, in which I blog my way through the Oz books and related works by L. Frank Baum (“Essential reading for any thinking Oz fan.” – Eric Shanower, prominent Oz artist and writer, and Eisner Award-winning cartoonist).

I’ll be alternating among the four blogs to keep them all roughly in synch with each other.  Each of these blogs will also eventually be re-edited and released as a series of books; every time one of the blogs accumulates enough posts to fill a book, that book will be released.

So check out the links and if you like my commentary, please consider a per-post pledge.You can pledge as little as a dollar per post.  (And you can set a monthly maximum in case I start posting like crazy.)  You’ll be charged only for substantive posts (i.e., posts devoted to a particular episode or work, not posts that are just announcing stuff).

I also have a separate Patreon account for other stuff; check it out here.  (I need two accounts because this one is for per-item pledges and the other one is for per-month pledges.)
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