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About The Best Games Period

Hey there and welcome to the Patreon of the only podcast dedicated to talking about the best games of all time! Each episode Jack and Naomi get together to discuss the history and influence of the greatest games the medium can offer and try to separate those that are merely good from the ones that belong in video game canon. 

We're on Patreon to help us cover the costs of making the show and to potentially make it even better than it is now.

The Best Games Period launched in 2015 with the germ of an idea and over a decade of combined podcasting experience. Over the years, our audience has been steadily growing, episode after episode, and now we're turning to that same audience to help us keep making and improving the show.

Consider supporting us - and see you on the flippity-dippity.
$50 of $100 per month
Hosting the show and keeping the episodes available for future listeners costs us money. At around $100 we just about break even on monthly hosting fees and various equipment tune-ups that are needed to keep the show running throughout the year!  

Anything above $100 means we can start looking into ways to step things up a notch in our show's quality, whether that's through better software, hardware, or scope.
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