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Thanks so much to our YouTube community!

The growth we've experienced with Best Investing Apps has been amazing. But now it's time to shed the cocoon and evolve into our better form!

BIA has grown to the point where I need your help to continue developing. It takes tons of my time to shoot and edit videos, write articles for the website, and keep up on investing app topics.

I don't monetize BIA with spammy advertisements or junky ads on our website. My recommendations, advice, and articles are free of bias towards advertising competitors. I hope to keep it that way, by relying on your support for my work to educate you!

I am passionate about helping others learn to invest and continuing to build better content for our community that has grown so quickly. Thanks to your patronage it is possible!

You deserve the best articles and videos I can make and, for just a few dollars, I can help you learn to make money, save money, and avoid mistakes.

Make no mistake, I am not asking for a handout. I am asking for your support if you continue to find value in the content that I make for you so that I can improve, grow, and give back to you. Without your support there is a limit on what I can do with my time and money.

If every dedicated YouTube subscriber of Best Investing Apps supported me at just the $1 level, it would allow me to dedicate so much more time and energy to research, filming, and writing. Imagine what could happen if we all supported the Best Investing Apps project...

You'll find the patron levels on the side of the page where there are full details on what you get back for supporting me!

Oh, you didn't think I was going to ask for your support without letting you in on private, members-only content, did you???

Oh, by the way. Every Patron gets their name in the credits of each Best Investing Apps video!
$0 of $5 per month
If every awesome YouTube follower of BIA were to contribute just $1 per month, we would already be 1,400% past this goal!

With that money I can spend more of my time focused on producing content that truly helps you learn to save, invest, and win with money.

With 5 x $1 Patrons or just one generous $5 Patron, we can meet my first Patreon goal for Best Investing Apps! Imagine that - you could get us to the very first goal all by yourself...

So many of you wonderful fans have helped me grow on YouTube. Now it's time to start growing in ways that I can take more time to help you all learn to make money, save money, and avoid mistakes.

Over the next few years of your life, supporting my content can kick back and earn you hundreds of times the amount you spend to support my work!
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