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is creating a podcast highlighting the best music of the midwest.
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About Best Midwestern

Best Midwestern is a podcast brought to you by and hosted by Scott Heisel and Greg Simpson, both long-time contributors to the site in various capacities. We started the podcast in early 2015 to highlight music in what those coastal people might call the "flyover states". Nuts to that thinking! Both of us were grew up in Illinois (Scott in Rockford and Greg in the Northwest Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights) and met in college in Rock Island, IL. Scott now lives in Cleveland, OH and Greg is in Lafayette, IN. We are taking on a big project this year, with each month's episode focusing in on the music history of each of the 12 Midwestern states. We usually focus on punk, indie and all their subgenres, but we will also be discussing the history of music as far back as we can find in our research of each state. Who out there loves learning stuff?? Show of hands!

Thanks to all our listeners that have been with us since the beginning, and thanks to all new listeners just finding us. If you want to be a patron of ours, it will help motivate us to keep doing this thing that has been a zero-money passion project for so long. We spend who knows how many hours researching and taking notes for each episode, a couple hours to record each episode, and then a few more hours to edit each episode. Even throwing us a buck per month would help make all that time and effort even more worth it. 

Thanks so much, everyone!

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