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Roughly £4 in N.I. dosh). 

The Local Legend tier is for regular listeners of the show who are prepared to sacrifice one hipster coffee a month to support the podcast and help it grow :)

As a thank you we'll also reward you with:

- Free tickets to intimate live podcast events

- Access to exclusive 'Producer Only' content

- Your name on our website in the producer section 

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(Roughly £8 in N.I. dosh). 

Samson Producers are Best Of Belfast Champions who want to support the show and get more involved in the creation of it by:

- Seeing the guest line-up in advance...

- Submitting questions to guests pre + post interview

- Name + link on our website

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(Roughly £20 in N.I. dosh). 

Our Goliath Producers get ALL the rewards of previous tiers and...

-  A 'Best Of Belfast Care Package' delivered to your door every quarter. Inside you'll find handwritten notes, gifts from our guests, vouchers for experiences, invitations and mystery items/products from Northern Irish creators.  

- Hopefully a smile, because we're putting your face on our website and a wee contact link. (But only if you want). 




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About Best Of Belfast

In short, the Best Of Belfast Producer’s Club is a place for champions of the podcast to get together, support the show financially and push forward all the great stuff that's going on in N.I.

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