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About Beth Ann Gallagher

I've been getting ambitious about Spellbound by Movies. There's so much I want to do with my blog, I want to invest more time in it to promote classic and silent films. While I say Spellbound is sometimes irregularly, but always lovingly updated, I'd like to get on a regular schedule.

I have expansion ideas. There are more post types I'm itching to get to like more interviews, lists, or my usual obsessive reviews. The last can take my eight hours or more. I watch every film more than once if I can, and I fact check every line I can, including describing action in the movie.

But my expansion ideas go beyond what's on a page. Eventually I'd like my interviews not just to be conducted via email, but also done over Skype or in person. I want to record those conversations and take their recordings and turn them in a companion podcast called SIT A SPELL.

Even without adding on the cost of podcasting, there are costs associated with my blog. There are the annual hosting, URL, and Wordpress redirect fees. While I'm comped some festival passes and books, I pay to attend other screenings and festivals, and I buy books to review and to build my film reference collection. Some of the festivals I attend require travel and/or hotels. All of these costs add up.

Here's what pushed me over the edge into creating a Patreon account. In the last six months or so, I've been hit with two major and unexpected expenses--a large vet bill for a beloved and now passed away cat and losing my apartment to my landlords, who resumed personal occupancy. Having to incur moving costs and suddenly paying current San Francisco Bay area market rent was a double whammy.

I don't want either to detract from my blogging or from me being able to travel to film festivals and bring you coverage. Between my blog, my Twitter account, and my Instagram, I try to share generously my movie experiences and love. There are two film festivals I'd like to attend in April. Schedule-wise I'd have to choose one or the other. Because of recent expenses, I think I should choose neither.

I blog because I love the process, love sharing my point of view, love lifting some of the movies out of obscurity, and love the community writing connects me to. I blog without pay, but isn't it better to pay writers than not? Is it egocentric to consider if someone else values my work, then maybe they'd like to be a Patron to help it to continue? I've gotten some very nice unpaid opportunities, which I'm extremely grateful for. Maybe some day my blog will lead to a paying gig.

Whatever happens my blog will continue to freely accessible to all, but for the few who become Patrons, you have my sincerest thanks and gratitude. I am the sort who will pay it forward when she can. My most immediate way will be writing more regularly.
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To celebrate reaching this goal, I'll organize a sweet giveaway one lucky Patron will win!
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