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is creating social justice and trauma - informed perinatal care
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About Beth Murch

My name is Beth Murch (a.k.a. "Mama B") and I am a full-spectrum birth worker, reproductive justice activist, and public educator who assists marginalized communities in accessing trauma-informed perinatal care rooted in social justice practices.

The individuals that I serve often face challenges in receiving sensitive reproductive care because they face complicated situations, such as:

- being a new immigrant/refugee/undocumented citizen
- needing culturally sensitive support
- substance use/recovery from substance involvement
- criminal and civil legal proceedings
- involvement in sex work (voluntary and involuntary)
- trauma (historical, vicarious, complex, etc.) due to the medical industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, community violence, state violence, physical abuse, sexual abuse, etc.
- racism
- sizism
- ageism
- accessibility issues: physical and mental health challenges
- Family and Children's Services involvement (voluntary and involuntary)
- being a member of the LGBTQ2+ community
- food insecurity
- poverty
- isolation/loneliness/lack of community

For over thirteen years, I have offered a wide range of services in order to promote self-advocacy, bodily autonomy, and well-being:

- public education: lectures and workshops at universities and colleges, community groups. social service groups
- menstrual education and support
- medical appointment accompaniments
- unbiased education surrounding pregnancy options, fertility, and birth control
- abortion support
- prenatal education
- attendance at labours and continuous childbirth support
- postpartum education and well-baby care
- infant feeding support (including breastfeeding/chestfeeding and human milk substitutes)
- community resource referrals
- palliative support for perinatal loss
- adoption support
- surrogacy support
- non-denominational ministerial and spiritual support (if desired)

While my services are in high demand, most individuals are unable to pay for them. In order to do this work, I have had to make sacrifices at my own personal expense - I consistently struggle to meet even my most basic needs (rent, food, bus pass, telephone, internet), sometimes to the point where I am requiring more assistance than my clients. This model of care is unsustainable - without adequate financial resources, I am unable to serve the populations that my heart is called to serve. I do not believe that reproductive care should be a "boutique service" available only to the wealthy - I believe that continuity of care, sensitivity, and informed consent should be made available to all people.

I have started this Patreon campaign not to fund my personal expenses, but, rather, to fund educational opportunities that will be of benefit to me, and to the populations I care for. Professional trainings and workshops are expected to be paid for out-of-pocket, and accessibility to higher learning is precarious for me due to my limited means. With your financial contribution, I will be able to acquire the skills I need in order to bring the very best care to some of society's most vulnerable people. I believe that continuous education is vital to being the best birth worker, educator, and ally that I can be. Please allow me the opportunity to continue to empower others to have positive, transformative, affirming perinatal care. I can't do this work alone!

Some examples of workshops that I would like to take in order to best help others:

- The Trauma-Informed Professional
- Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn
- Self-Care: Helping Healers, Activists, and Clergy Cultivate Well and Balanced Life
- Post-Traumatic Growth and Spiritual Intelligence in Treating PTSD
- Advanced Herbalism for Birth Professionals
- ...this list is always growing and changing!

Please consider investing in trauma and social justice - informed perinatal care for everyone. Please consider showing your support to our most vulnerable community members. Please consider how you can change lives for the better.

Thank you for reading about my passions!

Mama B

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