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About Beth Prior


Patrons of the Underground! HUGE thank you's and mahoosive hugs to those of you who have followed me from Crowdfunder across to Patreon platform! You are true legends :) 

Since the birth of the collective, there's some really exciting stuff brewing; collaborations, shows, film ideas... and I want to share with you all, and *this* is how we do it...

As an independent artist, I need to fund everything I do; pay other musicians, studio time, mixing, mastering, film makers, artists, collaborators... and you... you help make that happen! By giving a little every time I make a "THING" (a thing might be a song, a video, a collaborative art piece... imagination is the limit), we're working together to keep the arts for the people, by the people

And rest assured... you can cap your how many things you back per month... so if I go *craaaaazy* and make a ridiculous amount of stuff in one sitting, you'll only be paying as much as you want... I won't though, because I need you to trust me and stay with me for liiiiiife... we're in a committed artsy relationship now don'tcha know?! ;) 

Check out my video (by the ever wonderful Aaron Child, - who did this gratis to help get this wonderful thing off the ground, thank you m'lovely), which helps explain what this is all about. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions and enjoy enjoy enjoy! #patronoftheunderground #JointheKindnessUprising #bethprior

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