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You just found out your wife has cheated or maybe you’ve known a long time but it still haunts you. Your angry, confused, shocked and did I say angry, so what now? You have a choice. Fight to get your life back or slowly die and wither away inside.

After 16.5 years of infidelity by my wife and making a lot of mistakes to try and fix it. I was living a slow painful path toward wasting my life pissed off and angry until I finally found the answer. I was in denial. I had been t-boned by my wife and paralyzed. I just wanted it to go away. The infedility was not my fault. My lack of ownership in healing was though. No one else but me could do the heavy lifting required now to get my legs back under me.

Other men who had actually lived it and healed taught me this. They taught me about radical acceptance and extreme ownership for my own healing. I couldn’t just wish it away or continue to bury it anymore. After spending a ton of money on counselors, books and binging on web sites and YouTube, I was continually stuck. Counseling can be great but until you have lived it as a man and healed. Sorry you just don’t get it.

Join in anonymously and start figuring this out today. I’m no pro counselor with a rabbit up my hat. I’m just another guy like you and now have personal experience of what connecting with other betrayed men will do. Myself and other men here do have most of the answers you will need to get your life back whether you divorce or stay married. 

Join betrayed men today! You can post questions and comment on all the post you see. If you choose to become a patreon. Thank you so much. You will receive patreon only posts, tips and advice. This supplies more material to men just like you. 

Create a username and start by reading, venting or asking a question. No matter what just start. Life is too short to waste another day! 

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Men, help build this community of support by spreading the word about it. Once we have 25 patrons I will start releasing personal videos for patrons only. I would like to be able to share my experience and some stories to inspire different topics to talk about as men fighting this fight together. Join me in spreading the word. Thank you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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