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  • Sketch tier will get you access to all the sketches I draw each month, which I usually turn out in the middle of livestreams. On top of these sketches I wouldn't typically post, I'll be posting the content I do on my tumblr/twitter normally.
Discord Tier
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  • Private Discord invite, where I post exclusive artwork I don't post anywhere else. This art includes all the prep work I do for dnd that I can't post anywhere my players might see it.
  • Also have access to normal WIP for things I'm working on that may just not be public yet, including works that I may never finish and release, especially as I start working on new projects such as animation, comics, and more
  • Though my streams are rare, I will also be alerting patreons when I do streams through this service and spend time on discord voice chat so I can talk to you all while I work
Monthly Request Tier
Limited (17 of 20 remaining)
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  • Once a month at this tier I'll draw a sketch of your request, either an original character or character from some sort of fandom, as long as there is pre-existing reference image of the character. The sketch will either be a black and white waist up or full body drawing, or a colored bust.




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Hi! My name is Ian Jean, and I'm a gay trans man living in the US, currently unemployed in a red state. While looking for a job, I don't have any source of income, and with support from my boyfriend I'm thankfully not dying, but I'd like to contribute to the household, hopefully someday by doing the art I love.
With all of the issues on Tumblr currently, I'm taking more time to dedicate to my patreon, so if you're interested in sticking around, I'm going to be trying out more new things, maybe streaming, maybe speedpaints, hopefully animatics and animations, and long term goals being webcomics or even video games. Any support helps me continue getting to a point where I can focus on these things, and any dollar counts, I deeply appreciate you taking the time to consider!
You can see more of my work over on my TumblrInstagram, or Twitter.
3 of 30 patrons
When I reach 30 patrons, I'll start doing a drawing raffle each month, a full body sketch with color or lineart with color bust of a character of the picked patron's choice.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
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