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Thank you for joining us on an epic adventure here at Beyond Borders.  


Our mission is to shed light on stories that transform our world. Armed with the scientific process and the principles of veracity, Beyond Borders aims to challenge established world views, and combat fake news that has proliferated since the rise of social media.

Beyond Borders episodes are globe-spanning bullet documentaries that cover a wide range of topics from science to mythology to the current events that forge the future, and many are seen through the eyes of those affecting change.

We at Beyond Borders strongly believe that knowledge must be filtered through our own lenses as little as humanly possible, so our primary focus is to challenge biases wherever and whenever we encounter them.

To keep the audience on its toes, one episode out of every ten will be a fake story that seems as plausible as the others. It is up to the viewer to decide which one it is until an episode is released that explains which one is false. In this way, we encourage our fans to hone their critical thinking skills, and remain reasonably skeptical at all times.Beyond Borders mission is to bring stories that transform our world through positive actions. 

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Beyond Borders are mini documentaries that challenge the axioms that support culture. Like a bullet, these stories target the underlining causes and ask the viewer to make an objective decision. The goal is not to sway the viewer in one way or the other, but only to give a clear presentation of the facts. Then the viewer is presented with a question and asked what action would they take?

Now in the twenty first century, humans find themselves faced with Earth shattering implications to life. Future generations are dependent on what choices we make now as people. Beyond Borders believes that positive change only occurs when people get involved in issues that matter to them.

How to get people to care? One way is to create bullet Docs that transport the audience to a higher point of view. This can stimulate them to think against norms, tradition, and even laws. The main goal is to have a better informed person ready to do something positive for the future.   

In doing our part to facilitate knowledge, Beyond Borders was designed with instructors in mind. Knowing that teachers are the expediters of ideas and information we provide supplemental worksheets for instructors to give as a quick lessons. It is our hopes that students of all ages get inspired to look at their world and give something positive back. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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