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Thank you a thousand times for your token of support.  I know a lot of us can't do much, but if you are even able to do $10 a month, it means so much to us. 

This level gets you a copy of the book "Locked in Love" by Ingrid Turner (, access to the Bhava Fellowship Facebook group, and our undying love and appreciation!
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Thank you for your monthly contribution!  This amount really adds up for us, and enables us to run the ministry so much more efficiently. 

At this level, you get the book, "Locked in Love" by Ingrid Turner (,  access to our private Bhava Fellowship Facebook group, where you enjoy bonus teachings, and spirit messages. 

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- Three 15-minute spiritual mediumship readings per year
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This level gets you a copy of "Locked in Love" (, access to our private Bhava Fellowship Facebook group, and in addition you get three half-hour spiritual mediumship readings per year.




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We are a new kind of religious organization

Bhava Spiritual Mission is an online destination for believers in the divine dimension of spirits, the afterlife, mediumship, channeling, psychic, and intuition. As a collective, we use our innate senses as a vehicle to express the divine.

We are committed to the continued improvement of our connection to Spirit, our communication of Spirit’s message, and passing along the teachings of Spiritual Mediumship, in order to connect you directly with the Divine.

Some of our core beliefs
    • We embrace humanity’s innate psychic, intuitive, and channeling abilities as a direct connection to the divine, and as a vehicle to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.
    • We use many terms for the divine interchangeably – God, Spirit, Universe, Source, etc.
    • We embrace the dogma of no dogma. Hold on to what resonates deeply with you. Disregard the rest.
    • There is no competition: each human is a unique and special channel for Spirit, and we are all needed to receive and spread the message.
    • All are welcome. All.
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