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About Big Bad Brainery

Who am I? My name is Chelsea. I've been a tutor for over 16 years and am now a virtual academic coach for high school and college students. My coaching business is called Big Bad Brainery. As a former straight-A student, I can relate to teens who are overwhelmed with advanced classes, test prep, college pressures, and general school-related anxiety. This stress is unnecessary. If more excellent students were to consider what they truly want and love to do, rather than what they've been told they should do, we'd see far more of them flourishing in adulthood.

What will you find on this page? I'm offering exclusive access to my stress-reducing study skills advice and emotional tools for both parents and students. This includes videos, posts, emails, and more that you won't find on my other platforms. 

Becoming a patron is right for you if you need some expert guidance on any of the following: 
  • Prepping for standardized tests in a smart, no-stress way
  • Overcoming all forms of testing anxiety
  • Supporting your teen's academic pursuits without adding pressure to their plate
  • Reducing the anxiety involved in the college admissions process
  • Establishing study habits that last a lifetime
  • Selecting high school or college courses that support your (or your child's) goals
  • Determining which educational path is best for you after high school
  • Building the confidence to make personalized choices 
Not sure how it's possible to achieve your academic goals without experience debilitating stress? This is the place to get a different kind of help with all things high school and college.

How to get started:
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  2. Choose a subscription tier that works for you and sign up as a patron. Parents and students will receive different kinds of content, so be sure to create separate accounts for the individual tiers you'd like to access.
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