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About BigCatDerek

I work with big cats at a non-profit rescue facility in Texas called CARE ( and my name is Derek.

I'll admit I'm not the best at naming stuff.

I started using social media and some dumb jokes around the cats to help promote the facility back in 2013 and it landed my various pages a decent number of followers (RIP Vine). In that time period, regular facility donations made a critical jump thus helping to secure the home of the animals I love - something of which I'm very proud to have aided. 

I don't get paid by the facility but I do try to monetize my more "me-centric" online endeavors via ads, merchandise, etc. with the long-term goal of making a standalone living as an online content creator.

I'm using my Patreon page as a subscription service. I'm not a starving artist, and I'm not asking for people to subsidize my existence so that my creativity can "blossom and flourish". I wish to merely provide my patrons with entertaining content of value - something, to them, that is worth the price of admission. That's it. 

If you would rather utilize your money to support the CARE facility, then by all means please do so - attracting supporters to CARE is the reason I started making content online in the first place!  The animals of CARE have a fantastic home and you can be a part of preserving that home (Don't worry, I'll be perfectly fine if that's the route you choose to take ^_^) Donate to CARE

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