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is creating Analytical Breakdown videos of Bigfoot/Sasquatch footage.




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Hello, Bigfoot Tony here.

I am a full-time professional wedding photographer and father of 5 kids. Although I have a full time job, that supports myself and my family, we are still only just managing financially.

I absolutely do not enjoy asking for money from anybody. But the reality is; YouTube has been demonetising most of my videos. As soon as I publish a video on YouTube, it is automatically demonetised, saying it's unsuitable for monetising, but when I submit a request to say that I believe it's OK for monetising, it takes days to be put back up, and by that time (Yes it was fine after all) I have lost thousands of views and potential revenue.

I am currently getting only around $150 per month, which is a nice surprise sometimes, but the work I am doing takes a very big toll on my PC, and also takes a lot of my personal time.

You may notice sometimes that when I am scrubbing back and forth on a video, it sometimes lags, and is jerky, well that's because my PC is basically getting old and needs upgrading.

I use my PC for my photography business, but I am mostly using it these days for Bigfoot videos.
I don't know how it will work, but I just want to use my Patreon account as a means for people to donate the odd pound/dollar whenever they feel it's possible to do so.

This will simply allow me to make more and more videos, and maybe one day upgrade my PC.

Please don't think you HAVE to donate, you really don't. It's just a place for those who were asking where they could donate,

Thank you so much, BT.
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