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A basic donation, there are no benefits but if hundreds or even thousands of subscribers did this, this can keep all technology up to date, and improve everything, pay bills, and provide money for college and future channels in the future. 
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These supporters will be promoted to "Supporter" in my ROBLOX youtube group.
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Have access to my main skype, and vote on what videos/games to play next. and previous benefits.




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About Biggranny000

Pledging a monthly donation will not only greatly improve channel content, but also make my dreams come true, such as paying my way through college in the future, buying new technology for the channel, and launching more channels in the future. 
$0 of $1,000 per month
When the new graphics cards will come out I will upgrade, and a better monitor can help with productivity and increase video quality, and the remaining will be used for college fund and beyond. Once this upgrade is aquired, all technology will pretty much be updated and most of it will go towards college in the future. 
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