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About BigTexan1492

25 months ago, I weighed 593 pounds.  I was practically a shut in and life just was not good.  Thanks to some advice  from a friend, I have completely changed my life.  I have lost 267 pounds since November 14th, 2016.      
I am still overweight, but I am no longer trapped in fat.  No longer do I live my life as a man trapped in fat.  No longer do I think like a man trapped in fat.  I am now just a regular person who is overweight.    
Trapped in fat.  It sounds so depressing.  I suspect if you are reading this, you might understand to a small degree what I am talking about.  I no longer live in a fat world.  I am overweight but no longer am I trapped by fat.  My friend gave me a little "nudge" in the right direction, and along the way, I did not just lose weight, but I gained a life.      
I want to help you stop being trapped in fat.  I want to help you gain a life.  I want to help you become the person of YOUR dreams.