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About Jae.MOTO

Hi, im Jae.MOTO
I live in a small town of Indiana, i own a Tao RACER50 Motorcycle and i love to take myself to extremes. I was inspired by a lot of Youtubers who ride scooters/mopeds and motorcycles to create a channel and page  specifically for that reason im doing. In my videos ill be taking you on adventures to places ive never even been to, as well as making Vlogs bout helping Homeless. Withn the city, during the summer theres alot of Homeless, and not all the time they want money, so ill create videos of handing out Goodie Bags or Hotdogs (n foil). Doing something so little can make a big difference to someone and you wont even know. So, all im asking is support my cause,help those who cant help themself. Remeber im using my own pocket money to keep this project intact, but alittle PUSH can make it way better. THANK YOU!
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IF i reach $100 per month, ill randomly select a Patreon, give'em a SHOUT-OUT/send a Jae.Moto Merch in mail  AND visit any place you select within state of INDIANA as my next video and deliver that video!
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