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About Billdow00

You should Pledge if you would like me to stream and make videos more often. The need for a job is that fits with my life,mind,friends,and interests is a difficult pursuit. ,if you feel my voice is a positive influence on the world. then give what you can. I strive to make content that inspires. more and more i'm branching out and making new connections. My eventual goal Is to remove all ads from all of my content. I see a world where movie studios put out torrents of movies the day they come out in theaters. Where music is judged by Its emotional response and not how you can squeeze every last dime out of it. But I Digress. Simply; you should pledge if you want to.
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All in all I only make about $50 off ads. I would love nothing more then to never run an ad for as long as I live. It disgusts me to make money like that but it is necessary but I digress. 
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