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If you would want to help me continue making lots more content! You will get the Supporters rank on my discord!
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Thank you for the help, it really helps my streaming and allows me to produce more content
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Thank you so much for donating and helping to support my streaming :)




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About Billybobbs

Hey, everyone - I am a new and small streamer! I will mainly stream World Of Warcraft Cutting edge progression with my guild and also rated battlegrounds at a high level. I like to talk to people within my stream and make sure that everyone is enjoying watching as much as I enjoy playing! I'm currently a student in the UK so any donations are greatly appreciated however they are not mandatory. If you would wanna talk to me more feel free to watch my stream at as I will be streaming most days :)

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Just so that I can prove to myself that I can stream and entertain people! Will help me keep motivated and produce more content!
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