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About Binge Maker

Hi, I'm Ranjit, a geeky/creative dude that makes stuff.
I need your help to keep making crazy tech products & projects and inspire Makers to do their thing.
A lot of my projects have evolved into products and are used in retail and buildings. I want to help every Maker out there to get their work out to the world.

What to expect:
Here on Patreon, I will share behind-the-scenes content, tutorials and ideas that will inspire you to take your craft out to people and create value.
My goal is to inspire a creativity-driven culture, where ideas become demonstrations and demonstrations become products or services. And you don't need to be a big company to get your ideas out to help people.

What I do:
I work on IoT, electronics, firmware, software, mobile apps, web dev and have some friends that help me with 3d-printing, CAD, design and more. 
I am a prolific Maker, and create a lot of Tech+Art projects and Concept Demonstrations in addition to my Products. I have a lot of project ideas, and with this page I will explore and demonstrate all of them, and we'll have some fun while we're at it.

The revenue from my Patreon page will go into creating more projects, creating more content, and inspiring more people to spend their lives doing what they love. I strongly believe in Coffee too.

I'm an ideas person, geek, connoisseur of dad jokes, drummer + songwriter and interested in mind/bio-hacking and psychology. So expect some of that as well.

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