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About Binge Watchers

Thanks for making your way to this page! The fact you're even interested in what's going on here is pretty damn awesome. Binge Watchers is all about creating a community of folks who love TV shows and love talking about. Our time is valuable, we shouldn't waste it on shows we don't like (although, talking about shows we hate is part of the fun, sometimes).  Binge Watchers is a place where we talk about TV - Reviews, discussions, recommendations, stuff like that. 

Why Patreon?
Binge Watchers isn't my full-time job, but I'd like to take it to the next level with more shows, more guests, and find new ways to include the community. Patreon can help me free up time and resources to do more with Binge Watchers, on our quest to becoming the number 1 TV Show loving community in existence. 

Why Not Try Sponsored Videos?
Sponsors are weird when it comes to videos like the ones on Binge Watchers. So far, most sponsors wanted to influence the opinion I was giving you in some way, which is weird and makes my insides hurt. Maybe someday a better sponsor will come along, but I want to keep Binge Watchers as independent as possible. 

What Do I Get?
Other than my undying gratitude, you mean? You can get access to behind-the-scenes stuff, updates about upcoming reviews, a monthly hangout-TV-discussion-club type thing, basically more Binge Watchers fun. The Discord server is completely open, by the way, you can find the link to it here:

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