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My gratitude, and access to screenshots and other previews before anyone else.
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Want a tree or flower (TBA) that's not in my mod? If it exists I'll do whatever I can do add it for you.
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I love you forever. Also, I'll try my best to add any bee species you desire as long as it is within reason.




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About Binnie

Hey everyone, I'm Binnie and I'm the author of the Extra Bees and Extra Trees mods, as well as an occasional contributor to the Forestry mod. I've been working on my mods for over two years now, and it has involved a lot of my free time. I greatly enjoy being a part of the community and releasing content that people enjoy so much, but if you can spare some pennies to make my life easier I'll be eternally grateful.
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If I manage to get this much a month, I don't see why I should bother with links. Hurrah!
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