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My friends, my family, my fans - I appreciate so much your willingness to support me in my efforts as an artist and an illustrator. 

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YOU ARE WONDROUS, because I love lattes. With this level of support, you are helping me to stay caffeinated and draw forth wild things from my imagination.

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The only thing better than a latte is a vanilla latte. At this level of support, you're adding some flavor to my lattes and that flavor gets injected into my drawings and the creative projects that my friends and I are bringing forth. 

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About Brent

Hey there!  I'm doing drawings.  I draw superheroes, monsters, villains, creepy things that go bump in the night.  I typically draw in pen and ink, but will occasionally explore color.  I've illustrated a children's book, a zombie coloring book, and have even done some animation.  So come along and join me on this merry ride of creating a fantastic world with just some lines on a page.