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You get early access to a new comic before it goes online anywhere else.

( they are all free and will come up a day after to all other social media, but hey, you will be the first to see them! I know it's not super cool, but feeding pigeons is very pleasant too, I'm just sayin')
My kitties are very happy with their new toys!
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Birbo loves its kitties very much and want all that's best for them (this is not related to anything, just want to share the joy of having adorable and, sometines, messy furballs).

Once a month I will update you with a Birbos wallpaper which will include a really bad joke.

(early access included, pok)

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Once a month Birbo will answer your most desired questions in a drawn comic style, PWEK!

Just send the questions through messaging here or at facebook, Birbo will collect all of them and pick the most reccuring one.

(early access and wallpapers included, of course)




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Welcome to Birbos patreon!

This little birb has a lot of thoughts and friendships to share and the best way for it to do so is through casual comic strips.

Birb is not a complex creature (although it likes to think it is), but it knows that life can be a little bit complicated to comprehend. That's why the best way for birbo to find meaning and understanding is through sharing and expressing itself, hoping that it can bring some laughs and good vibes!

All things aside, Birbos thoughts and adventures will always be free. But in order to have those adventures, or exist, for that matter... it needs to peck (eat that is) and have a roof over its head. So any kind of support is appreciated. Patrons will, of course, get exclusive content and other goodies for helping Birb get some crumbs and a plastic roof over its tiny body!

Remember to keep your spirits up and when it seems you can't - visit Birb for humble wisdom and silly life matters!

$0 of $700 per month
Birbo finally can get some crumbs without wasting time on trivial adult job stuff. It will concentrate only on the material that is presented to you and will do its best to keep your days more colorful (comics are in black and white, so don't take this literally please). THANK YOU! (pwek)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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