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My undying gratitude for being willing to support Bird Seed and my artistic career. You get week early access to Bird Seed pages.

You will also get access to my sketchbook, and the various chaotic scribbles that I don't typically post on social media. 

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Access to my additional short comic projects. From character sheets to the finished product. 

Concept art and world building for Bird Seed and AEther Aftermath, as well as other artistic projects.  This includes access to the Owl's Journal project, and a few other interesting tidbits.

Fun facts (e.g. the origin of Loraine's name.)

Discounts for any pdf comics that I sell.

And the previous tier.




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You can call me Kari, and I like making comics that involve fantasy, monsters, and cute dresses.

My current major project is Bird Seed, which can be summed up as: Two monster girls fighting bigger badder monsters, and maybe figuring out how being people works. This is a comic I put out for free, because I like the idea of sharing my creativity with the world.

I would also like to make a living off of my creativity. This is where you come in! (Insert a fanfare of trumpets and victory music because that's how important you are.) If you would like to make more pages possible, more creativity possible, or just generally like cute monster girls in dresses, this is what Patron is for.

There will also be post-apocalyptic nonsense from one of my other projects, more fantasy that doesn’t relate to cute monster girls, creepy horror stuff (but still mostly cute girls in dresses) and a wide array of shorts.

I want to support you but I don't want to pay monthly....

That's fine! Please just share my comic and work with others. If you want to give me a tip, please visit my Ko-Fi.
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A thank you picture of the Bird Seed Girls for you awesome supporters.
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