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About Kyri Lorenz

Slouched upon a table is a strange creature. An artist? Certainly, but that doesn't seem to encapsulate the bedraggled, bespectacled thing here. A writer? Game developer? Comic creator? Musician? It seems that they are all these things, but most of all, they are very tired. Despite all that, they're going to try their hand at this webcomic thing!

I'm Kyri, an agender twenty-something with too many projects and too little energy. This Patreon will probably evolve as I get into the swing of multiple projects, but right now, it's dedicated to my webcomic endeavors, starting with:

  • Bitchcraft - Matilda and Declan are queer roommates of the witchy variety, getting into all sorts of demonic trouble (both welcomed and not). Goth, pagan, and witchcraft jokes galore await you in this irreverent dark and absurdist humor comic.

Content will probably be sporadic until I figure out an update schedule that works for me. I appreciate everyone's support!!!
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If I reach $100 per comic, I'll start doing color illustrations, as well!
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