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Contact me via any of my social media channels, and I will review the exact item you choose for me.  Also, of course, you'll be helping out my channel TREMENDOUSLY. 

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Howdy folks! John Kuhn here from BiteAndChewFoodReviews, the best Food Review channel on YouTube! 

Since October 14th, 2014  I have been dedicated to creating high quality food themed content from reviews, cooking tutorials, product videos and everything in between! We've amassed 1,367,230 views and 7,410 Subscribers at the time of this posting! Let's kick things up a notch!

To further tighten the connection I have with YOU the viewer, and allow you to help steer the channel in the direction you see fit, we have offered these tiers of support!

Your money will go towards:
Quite literally paying for the food, it adds up.
Equipment maintenance and improvements, things break, upgrades are needed, this foots the bill.
Travel expenses, can't review food if you can't get there, gas, and other travel expenses add up.

2 of 25 patrons
I'd like to start out with 25 Patrons per month, this means 25 individuals in direct contact with me about content, suggestions, and ideas.  Think of yourselves as "The Board Of Directors"

This will not only grease the wheels for the future content on the channel, it will steer it in a community driven, tailored way.
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