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Hi my name is BiZ BZAR. I am currently a film student studying in DFW. Many modern jobs will not let me work on my craft, and fulfill my daily business tasks. I was always taught school comes first so, I'm looking for help. I have researched and developed a number of fan films I'm looking to make come to life.

 I am a creative looking to take my original content and ideas public for business. I want to create original shows, original cosplay characters and fan films for my fans across the world. I have a number of projects I would like to see move into production but funding is the key to moving forward with my art. I am currently a film student as I said. Since February of this Year,   I have written 3 films, 3 shows, and 2 comics. I have scripts ready to go but in order to move into production I will need help and that's where patreon comes in.

When you help me you’ll receive exclusive content that no one else will ever receive including BZAR memorabilia , This includes exclusive pictures from my shoots, Videos before anyone else, first look at shows, and first look at all articles I create. Each month the gear changes based on the project being worked on. I like to keep things constantly changing and new. I have a number of online shows I would like help creating each month including:

Cosplay costumes in development for 2016-2017
  1. The Hood (Bzar Version)
  2. Bishop from X-men (Bzar Version)
  3. Darth Maul (AoT Verrsion)
  4. Common Man Captian America 
  5. Deadshot
  6. Call of Duty (Bzar Version)
  7. Black Joker


  1. Army of One - a one of a kind thrill ride from the mind of Biz Bzar based on a original cosplay character.
  2. Hidden Gems- A travelling show visiting epic restaurant you may have not heard of yet.
  3. Bzar Predictions- What I think is going to happen on the great shows of the modern age of TV.
  4. Bzar Movie Reviews- I basically tell you my two cents, on the latest movies.
  5. A unnamed cooking show hosted by me. I want to help turn everyone into cooks.

  1. Fury- After being left for dead by his military, Fury returns years later prepared to wage an intergalactic war against them.

And this is just what I have planned for 2017…

Patreons will get exclusive messages. In 2017 patreons will begin to be able to vote for which production will be created next. They will have exclusive voting capability, allowing for a more interactive, experience between me and fans. Together we will create content that will be bold yet BZAR.

Currently, I am in production of a new short film codenamed “JOKER GANG”. AnYone who helps support this month will be receiving exclusive Behind the scenes content from that and more of my own personal content.

All money from patreons will be used for livelihood, production cost,  materials, and conventions fees so we can meet.
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I want to review the latest movies each month personally for my fans. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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