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About BizHacks TV

Fun and full of energy. Love covering news and events. Showing that Life is fun. I created my own life style online and offline. I love working on cars as a hobby. I have always been a creative person. So please follow me and enjoy the show. In support as a entrepreneur I have gained a good Level of education online. You will get exclusive content from me.

WHAT IS BizHacks TV?
BizHacks is a YouTube channel that primarily covers "How To Video" eCommerce, current events in gaming, technology and politics. What has made my channel successful is my passion for the topics I cover and how I have remained unbiased and unfiltered throughout the years.

When adpocalypse emerged on YouTube earlier this year, advertisers have been very reluctant to place ads on videos with even a hint of controversy surrounding them. Dedicated political channels were devastated by this. I survived, but was severely hindered due to the limited range of topics I could cover due to YouTube's new policies.

You get Bizhacks unfiltered, uncensored BizHacks TV as it should Be. If this Patreon campaign is successful I will not hesitate to tackle any topic, no matter how controversial it may be. With your support my channel will become stronger than ever. 

I am a Part time Gamer On twitch streaming news finds. I grow up with Atari I have no clue what I am doing, but it's fun. 
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If I Hit $1000 Per Month I will do 1 on 1 hangouts with members and start a podcast 1 day per week. I will travel and meet members.
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