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is creating music, art, cosplay, webcoding

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I'm 19 years old, a struggling college student, autistic, LGBT+, and suffering from conditions both mental and physical.

Since I was nine years old, I've been composing music. My dream? To become the world's next great film composer. I was twelve when I had my concert debut as a composer and conductor, and have continued to hold top position in orchestras as a violist, occasionally even performing my own solo works.

At school, a whole new field of opportunity opened up to me. I connected with film students, scoring their films. I wrote a piece for small ensemble which went on to win a competition. And I met the composition studio-- faculty and students who would help me hone my skills.

I've also been creating digital art and developing ideas for a future webcomic-- "Collapsing Stars". Otherwise, I draw fanart for Star Wars, Tokyo Ghoul, and Tolkien's work among other things. If my music alone is not enough, I hope that the art is a nice addition. 

Outside of that, I am a cosplayer with the 501st legion, and a web coder. 
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When I reach $50 per month, I'll start posting a piece of artwork once a week in addition to the bimonthly music tracks.
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