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About Black & Tan Hall

Inspired by Seattle’s Black & Tan Club--prominent in the 1930s--the Black & Tan Hall is a cooperatively-owned performing arts and restaurant venue which will maintain Rainier Valley as a destination for cross-cultural arts and education events. Historically, Black & Tan clubs offered a haven for people of all races in an era when segregation dictated social boundaries. Black & Tan Hall embraces that inclusive ethos while celebrating South Seattle’s rich music, arts and cultural history.

While our doors are not open yet, we are hosting events across Seattle while we work to install sprinklers in our 100 year-old building. Your patronage will allow us to stay in our building as we complete renovations.

Our 42 partner-investors form a coalition that represents a wide spectrum of Seattle’s arts, education, public service,social justice and community organizing sectors. Over the last 3 years, we’ve worked through a consensus process to determine a unique model for our for-profit business that places people over profit, race and social equity as the lens with which we determine our business structure, our programming, and our restaurant.


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