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About Kay Fedewa

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my Patreon. In 2005 I created a webcomic called The Blackblood Alliance, or “BBA”. I discontinued it after a good run, but the story was never finished. Now, ten years later, it’s time to get the job done: I’ve put together the script for a complete book, and we’re ready to roll full-time.

With your support, this Patreon campaign helps to keep me fed and keeps the new BBA going. Bringing friends together to collaborate has been an important thread with this project, so I've brought a couple of others onto to pitch in, including long-time collaborator Fable Siegel (www.patreon.com/fable), as well as other artists like Zachary Braun of NOFNA (nofna.com) and Naviira (naviira.deviantart.com).

In return for your support, you’ll see regular updates of new pages, and behind-the-scenes development like concept art and storyboards. We also have some rewards set up with small gifts, including colorable lineart and BBA charms, pins, and posters.

My artistic vision with the BBA, old and new, has always been the development of a rich, visually appealing world that is immersive, fresh, and exciting in a way that can be felt with every frame. I strive to take no shortcuts in achieving this and hope that my passion for the story is as visible as it is vivid.

Right now, we’re trucking along with weekly updates on deviantArt! You can read the current comic here, along with the original pages here. It’s going great, and we can’t wait to do more. Thank you for reading, and for your support—we couldn’t have done it without you.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact me through email or through Patreon’s messaging. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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