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About BlackJack Legacy

Welcome everyone!  My name is Andy and I run the YouTube Channel BlackJack Legacy.

I've been playing tabletop games for as long as I can remember and started sharing my love of them on YouTube in November 2016.  I don't just cover one game or one genre but I like to discuss, play and review the wide range of games that are out there.  Since then its been a whirlwind journey and I'm finding that I love making content and interacting with the community as much as I enjoy playing the games.  So far I've bought all of my games and equipment out of my own pocket but as the channel begins to grow this is becoming a little more costly and time consuming.

With that in mind I'm now looking to take this more serious and grow the channel to be my full time job and eventually be able to make the channel financially sustainable through advertising etc.  However in order to get to that stage I'm kindly asking for your support to be able to make that transition.

If you've ever found one of my videos entertaining, useful or even supportive then please do consider pledging to be part of the amazing group of people who already believe and support my vision and dreams.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me and with your support we can really grow BlackJack Legacy into a hub of tabletop gaming goodness.
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At this level I can begin to put things in motion to move away from my day job and make this my full time gig!  That means higher quality content (as I'll have more time to spend on it) and the ability to keep this going long term as I get time back with the family which I'm sacrificing now to make this grow alongside my day job.
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