Sokari Ekine

is creating visual narratives on African Diasporic Spiritual Practices
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About Sokari Ekine

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Who am I? 

I am a Nigerian Diasporic, Quar Black Feminist Neo Sexual. I also used to be a nomad but now I am happily settled in New Orleans. 

Spirit Desire

Spirit Desire is a series of photographic essays that explore African Diasporic spiritual practices in Haiti, Kenya, and Southern US; those in-between spaces, above and below, visible and invisible that constitute the many worlds that exist in harmony.

Spirit Desire:- Resistance, Imagination and Sacred Memories in Haitian Vodoun” is the first in the series and is a celebration of Haitian Vodoun as a site of resistance, decolonization and community. In these images we witness the freedom of an unbound imagination that recognizes the power of the self and the spirit within us as a multidimensional force which stretches far into the past and into the future.

In “Spirit Desire: The Vernacular of Freedom, and the Politics of Rescue in Queer Futures” I contemplate the centrality of spiritual practice for queer people of African heritage in Kenya and Southern US; who we are, the contradictions in these spaces and times, and our spiritual selves. We see our many spiritual practices as acts of decolonization – ‘freedom narratives’.

Your support will go towards various aspects of my work: completing a photo book of my work in Haiti; purchasing printing supplies; work related travel costs near and far; bring additional sustenance and joy to my daily life.   

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