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Hello there! I'm Ariel Blackwell, freelance writer, renegade sorceress and marvelous mustelid. I've been fascinated with animals for as long as I've been alive, especially the thought of living as another species or becoming one. I've always loved writing in the second person perspective because of its ability to communicate that sense of perspective and interaction. Rather than empathizing with a character in a story you have the entire scenario written as if it was your own experience. I think it's a perfect format to explore themes of transformation, whether it's into an animal, a mythical creature or even an object.

Using Twine 2 and the Harlowe script language, I'm creating small, focused interactive stories that can be branched and expanded upon through suggestions and patron donations. For this purpose I'm developing the S.E.T.T. system (Script Enhanced Transformation Text) to bring a more gamebook style feel to my interactive stories. A transformation might steadily progress while you make other decisions, and new forms might grant significant new opportunities or challenging obstacles. A simple conversation or room transition for a human could be a pretty difficult puzzle for a ferret!

You have my sincerest thanks for supporting my endeavors at this early stage. I'm eager to share updates soon and I'm looking forward to working together to creating some wonderful new adventures.
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